Morbid Meals Manifesto

For the Blood Food Is Life
That is the Morbid Meals Manifesto in a nutshell. The better the food, the better the life. I also believe in the converse of this, and that is that the better the life of what you eat, the better the food you eat will be.
I try to find local farms that practice sustainable, free-range, and even organic methods for growing their crops and raising their animals. I also acknowledge that this can be cost-prohibitive and inconvenient. So, this cookbook will only describe some of the benefits of these practices, but I'll not shove them down your gullet. You can buy your foods from the supermarket or the farmer's market.
Is this a diet?
This cookbook does not claim to provide information that will lead to weight loss, lower cholesterol, gastrointestinal fortitude, a brighter smile, or generally better health. The writer is not a doctor nor a nutritionist.  I have decided to avoid eating certain foods and do personally feel better as a result, but I also believe that one should enjoy all things in moderation, including moderation.
I personally follow a high protein, low carbohydrate, low histamine diet, because of various health issues. However, you will notice that this cookbook does not enforce this. For example, there is an entire baking section using the scourge known as wheat flour! Shocking, I know. I will provide a section on gluten-free flours and many other substitutions. As a cook, however, it is your decision on how you want to prepare a dish.
Food is an adventure
Moreover, this cookbook is really just a guide to the odd, obscure, and ignored foods that civilization has forgone in the pursuit of mass produced, convenient, and cheap food.
All I want you to acknowledge is that something died, flora or fauna, for you to eat. Is that morbid? Yes. But I choose to remember this and be thankful, rather than buy pre-packaged processed pablum that is so far removed from its source that it diminishes the life of the diner. The fresher the food, the better. Which, to think about it morbidly, the closer to the death of the flora/fauna you choose to eat, the better.
Take the time to cook something, whether it be a family favorite or something new. Butcher a whole chicken yourself rather than buy those skinless, boneless fillets. Buy a large piece of meat and grind your own sausage, cure your own bacon, or make your own jerky. Bake your own bread, even make your own pasta. Reconnect with your food. It will be fresher, taste better, and you'll be more satisfied.

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