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Cover1MORBID MEALS, the cookbook, has been a labor of love a long time in the making. It started as an idea floated on our vampire-themed podcast, Out of the Coffin, to make a vampires' cookbook. Mostly recipes with blood, of course, but also other related recipes (Bloody Marys, black pudding, etc.).

While this was a project we've worked on since 2008, the idea has slowly evolved, as we realized we wanted to create a cookbook that could be for more than just for fans of vampires, but encompass all kinds of morbid meals.

"The morbid truth is we consume dead things so that we should live. Seriously, unless you are R.M. Renfield, humans typically don't eat live food."

We want to explore the taboo, the weird, the quirky international, and the just plain gross. We want to also play with the darker side, tastefully exploring fictional inspirations -- like Mrs. Lovett's pies, Hannibal Lecter's larder, and so much more.

If this has whet your appetite, please stay a while. We'd love to have you for dinner.

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